How to Choose A Well Fitting Bra

First impressions are everything since you only get the one chance to make them. For women, making a great first impression means dressing appropriately for the event they are attending and the people are going to be meeting. One factor that does not change regardless of people or occasion is having the “girls” where they belong. This means purchasing the best bra for the outfit to be worn and the one that affords you with adequate coverage and plenty of support.

Choosing a well-fitting bra means far more than just picking one that you think is the right size. Getting the right bra means having your measurements taken to ensure that you get the right size bra that is ideal for your particular body shape and cup size. Women blessed with large breasts do not necessarily need extra padding, but they do need a bra that will support them and not leave them with overhang. It can be highly embarrassing to wear a bra that is too small, as it provides more chances for accidental spillage. Here are the key steps women can take to get the best fitting bra.

Get Your Measurements
One of the key factors to getting a bra that fits is getting the proper measurements. To do this yourself get a tape measure start measuring. The first measurement that you want to take will be the band size. Wrap the tape around your chest by going under the armpits and above the bust. You want to pull the tape tightly to help you get an accurate measurement. If you get a number that is not in exact inches, round up. This will be your band size.

The next step is to measure the bust. This time you will wrap the tap around your chest over the fullest part of your bust, over the nipples. Pull the tape nice and taut, just not too tight. If necessary, round up if you do not get an exact inch measurement. Once you have your bust size and your band size you need to determine your cup size. To determine this subtract the measurement of the band from the bust size, for every inch difference between the two you go up a cup size. If you have a one inch difference you are an A cup, two inch difference, you are a B cup, etc.

Find Your Bra Style
Now that you know what size bra you wear, you need to try some on. Go to the store; find the type bra style you want, for example, the t-shirt bra from ThirdLove, and select your size based on your measurements. When trying the bra on want to hook it at your waist then lift it up as high as it will go, remembering not to go completely over your breasts. Lean forward and let your breasts fall into the cups. Once you stand, push all the soft tissue from under your armpits into the cup.

With your breasts securely in your bra, ensure the clasp is not too tight or too loose. It is ideal to be able to place two fingers comfortably between your back and the bra strap. One last step involved in making sure you picked the right bra is to move your arms around like you would throughout the day, this means up, forward, and down. If the bra feels comfortable, you have found yourself a bra that not only fits properly but also is the style you desire.

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