Go Rustic with a Set of Wooden Shutters

Rustic wooden shutters are enjoying a huge surge in popularity with homeowners looking to create a stylish vibe for their home and make it feel more comfortable. The rustic look is part of the urban uprising with scores of people installing shutters and blinds into their homes. The right set of wooden shutters can give a house the feel of a homely cottage or farmhouse, helping to create the illusion of a countryside escape for anyone and everyone.

Wooden shutters are a fantastic complement for any home, whether it’s a small cottage looking to add something a little bit different to its interior to new, modern houses that want to make their home more comely with a fantastic window feature. Shutters don’t have to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Window shutters are available in thousands of different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs to fit into any window in the house. Window shutters are able to fit small windows in the bathroom to large conservatory windows and more. A new, rustic set of wooden window shutters can add a sense of contemporary class to a new home, but for people that want a more modern solution shutters are available in a range of different materials.

Wooden venetian blinds are also a brilliant option for people looking to create a rustic appearance for their home. Wooden venetian blinds are also an excellent way to add value to a property and keep utility bills down.

Wooden venetian blinds are able to keep out UV rays on hot sunny days by keeping the heat out. The right venetian blinds and wooden shutters are also child-friendly, and won’t trap and hurt curious little fingers.

Wooden shutters are an excellent investment, especially if the right ones are chosen. Style should never be compromised for functionality with the highest-quality products able to marry both seamlessly together to create something magical.

And there a number of different shutter combinations that can complement a home. There are classic shutters to bay window shutters and café style window shutters to give people a lot of options when they invest in home improvements.

Installing new blinds and shutters into the home is the first step to creating something new and inspirational for families from all backgrounds to live in.

Thomas Sanderson has been constructing shutters and blinds from their British factories for decades and have partnerships with Laura Ashley and Fired Earth. Based in Britain Thomas Sanderson can provide powered blinds and shutters for any and every home. Partnered with more than 300 craftsmen and 160 designers the team at Thomas Sanderson have helped improve the homes of more than 150,000 happy customers, complementing their unique designs with amazing customer service, aftercare, and an incredible ten-year guarantee.