Creative Wallpaper Décor Ideas

Wallpaper can help transform any room from drab – to fab. With its stunning colors, patterns, textures and wide variety of options, wallpaper can be a great way to bring life to an otherwise dull room. From modern geometric patterns encompassing an entire wall, to sleek and soft floral sections, wallpaper can be an inspirational part of any interior design. That being said, it’s time to get inspired by beautiful& unique wallpaper décor ideas!

Cover only one wall - While most people and even designers have a habit of using the same wallpaper on every wall of a room, a stunning option can be to use it on only one wall, usually that which is directly opposite the entrance to the room. By doing so, the focal point of every room becomes the beautiful backdrop of this one wall, while those to its side compliment it by painting them an appropriate tone.

Use focal design elements in wallpapers - We love the look of this beautiful “Cuvvee Prestige” wallpaper from True to its original design, the designer has used the unique floral pattern perfectly, placing it on a precise spot where it harmoniously coordinates with the window, natural lighting, spacing and the seating. Not all wallpapers will have a unique single graphic placed upon its otherwise repetitious pattern, but those which do must be used very thoughtfully. This gorgeous example shows just how valuable the design element can be to a room.

Use wallpaper sparingly - Small touches and splashes of wallpaper in well-thought out spots and spaces can add color and interest to particular features of a room. Although used very lightly, it can be a tremendous impact on the energy of the room and its beauty, as seen in the picture. Another great option can be placing a thick rectangle of wallpaper behind a bed to create a feature wall which emphasizes the centrality of the bed itself.

Alternate colors but keep the pattern - This is a beautiful design feature that is unfortunately not taken advantageof enough by interior designers. By picking a stunning pattern, especially one with larger designs and graphics, and using different colors for the adjoining walls or wall features, one can create a beautiful and unique space. By taking advantage of our eyesight’s desire for flowing patterns, and yet abruptly forcing a change in color, we can causea wondrous and unique aesthetic.

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