Coupon Rani - Your One-stop Destination for Best Coupons & Deals

Calling all the coupon and deal lovers out there! I have a very exciting news for you. I recently discovered this website called which is basically a site that caters for people like me / us who loves online shopping but at the same time hates breaking the bank. Copon Rani is currently one of the leading and fast growing site for coupons, offers and deals in India that is founded by a group of technologists and digital marketers, who love deal hunting and finding best deals with or without coupons. Some of their clients includes Dominos Coupons and Flipkart Coupons which are both equally amazing! I am so sure you guys are definitely going to love them!

One of the main thing I really liked abiut this site os that using the coupons from them is very simple and easy. All you have to do is just log on to account, select any deal of your choice, and then activate the deal. Once you have already activated the deal, it will automatically direct you to the website's shopping page and there you will be able to enjoy the deal of the day or coupon, whichever you selected. Aside from that couponrani also has Google chrome extension, which makes the shopping experience even better and convenient. To sum it up I can say without any doubt that is the new symbol of stress-free, fun and smart shopping.