Comfortable Men’s Shoes

Comfortable Men’s Shoes

I was first introduced to Ecco shoes whilst on the hunt for some comfortable golf shoes. I had actually used FootJoy for years but wanted to get some comfortable shoes that I could use both on and off the course. My new shoes also needed to look smart, be very well made and most importantly support my sensitive feet well. Having comfortable shoes is extremely important to me. I found Colton Footwear online that specialise in comfortable men’s shoes.

Initially, I looked at the Adidas Adicross with the lace up rather than the Velcro fastening. A really good looking well-made shoe and they were pretty good value for money. However I have quite wide feet and found that even by switching up a size they were too constricting on them.Not great for a man who likes comfortable shoes!

Then I found Ecco shoes on the Colton Footwear website and what a difference. To begin with I got a pair of the Biom Hybrids in size 10. This shoe has a broader fit & very similar to Footjoy. They are made of high quality yak leather which makes them extremely comfortable and long wearing too.

I was so impressed with my Ecco shoes that I decided to buy a second pair from the EccoPortway shoe range. This model fits slightly smaller than the Biom Hybrid shoe and I was advised by Colton footwear to go up to an 11. This was extremely good advice and ended we me owning an excellent fit.

Spending this amount of money on just two pairs of shoes might seem extravagant to some. But actually I have ended up saving money by buying multifunctional and comfortable shoes. Previously I had two pairs of casual shoes which were wearing out and my old golf shoes were in the same state. Instead of having to buy three pairs of replacement shoes, I've only had to buy two.

On the golf course, the Ecco’s are spike-less which I was a little wary about, but I actually find it works remarkably well. In fact, I feel as if I'm getting better grip than before, even on a wet course. The best thing is, I don't need to take them off to go in the clubhouse. It is not only on the course where I notice the grip: I also find the grip superb whilst walking on a steep hill to the shops, in my multi activity gym session &a long table tennis session. Because the soles are flat, I'm even allowed on my local bowling green.

The only situation you couldn't really wear them for is any kind of formal event as they are fundamentally, casual and comfortable shoes. However having a pair of shoes for every single occasion could be a little bit of a push! You can view the whole range of comfortable men’s shoes on the Colton Footwear website and of course follow all their updates on Facebook.

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