Cool and Chic Cardigans From TBDress


The wonderful beauty of cardigans is that they can, quite literally, be anything you wish for them to be. Now, this isn't to say that you can utilize the same exact cardigan for an afternoon of rugby then turn around and wear it to the grand ball. (Don't even think about wearing anything less than full black tie attire to a formal event!) However, you can add different cardigans to your wardrobe that will be appropriate in both casual and dressy situations.

Cardigans tend to be more fitted than jumpers and sweaters, although you can certainly find those that are more loose fitting if you should so desire. Bear in mind, though, that it is the tastefully form fitted appearance of cardigans that make them work in dressier situations. After all, nothing says "I don't care" quite like a baggy, oversized sweater. Remember, you want to look cool and chic, not sloppy.

Just because cardigans are the perfect cool and casual garment, that doesn't mean they are not versatile. You can take that same cardigan you wore to the sports bar last weekend, slip a button down shirt beneath it, add a tie and a nice pair of trousers, and be set to go on about his work day while retaining respect among his peers and employer. Anyway, if you're in the hunt for cool and chic cardigans that are sure to make people's head turn when you're walking I suggest that you check out TBDRESS.COM's wide selection of really worth purchasing cardigans. Here's the link to where you can see all the styles that they carry: . I personally already have a few favourites and let me share some to all of you. Here they are:

1. Retro Japanese Style Pure Color Single-breasted Cardigan USD $ 37.49 2. Temperament Loose Asymmetrical Hot Selling Cardigan Outerwear USD $ 20.79 3. Loose Candy Color Long Hemp Flower Korean Cardigan USD $ 26.79 4. Sweet Rhomb Tassel Knit Cardigan Sweater USD $ 33.49

Again, if you're looking for some new cardigans to add to your wardrobe, TBDRESS.COM is the place to be. Happy shopping!!!