Must Witness: Zagreb Fashion Week

Aside from the forever popular New York, Milan and Paris fashion week, another great fashion week I’ve always wanted to attend is the Zagreb Fashion Week which is always held at the Hypo Center in Croatia. I know that the majority of you didn't know this place and that Croatia also hold a week that’s all about fashion so believe me when I say that fashion designers in Zagreb and basically in Croatia are so amazing! Actually, because of my long time fascination of wanting to visiting Croatia I have already made a, “how to visit Croatia” sort of note in my journal.

I know, that sounds a bit crazy but can you blame me? I mean, Croatia is one of the most amazing country that’s rich in culture and amazing traditions. If you’re like me who wants to witness one of the best fashion events in Croatia and soon, the world you may travel and go there via if you’re from the Philippines just like me. But if you are based in the United States you may take a look at and if you’re from the United Kingdom, the best choice would be First Choice. All these companies are really amazing. The quality of the services are truly world class and perfect for people that does not want to get stressed prior to attending fashion week.

Anyway, I know that a lot of you are not that familiar with the fashion scene in Croatia so let me share to you all three of the most amazing designers based in Zagreb that are really deserving of having all your attention.

Ana Kujundžić - Ana is member of the Croatian Textile Association. She became famous because of her unique handmade clothes that are made from natural fabrics. So far, she have already presented her work at numerous fashion shows and exhibitions, both in Croatia and abroad from the Zagreb Fashion Week, Fashion Week Sarajevo, Budapest, Modepalast, Vienna and a whole lot more.

Natalija Smogor – Natalia is a designer, born in Germany that currently live and works in Vrbovec. Natalija is a graduate at the very famous Tekstile School for Fashion Design. So far she has presented here collections in numerous shows during her education. She has shows twice a year at FWZ, since 2006. In the beginning she started on FWZ as a young designer bu, for her sixth time she will now go independently.

Toni Rico Carić – Rico is a Croatian fashion designer who enrolled at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, after finishing high school at the island of Hvar. Currently he is preparing his Masters in „Clothing creation with the subject "Collection for sad moments". He became familiar to fashion public in 1999 when he presented his first collection of footwear. In year 2003 Toni opened his exclusive store on Hvar, and two years later he finally presented his first menswear collection. Today, he is one of the very few male designers in Croatia that creates menswear. The base of his work is mostly on the artistic research of traditional men’s clothes.

I swear, if I only have all the time in the world I will be including more designers but I don’t. These are only three of the many amazing designers based in Croatia that all of you have to know. The designs of these people are impeccable, original and made to life because of dedication and passion. I swear, all of them are really worthy of being known not only in their Country but also to the whole world. And speaking of knowing more about them, if you are a diehard fan of fashion week, you must consider adding Zagreb Fashion Week to your Fashion Week calendar! The new season of Zagreb Fashion Week will be happening on May 7 to 9, 2014 so book your tickets now!