Old Navy Photoshopped a Thigh Gap on Plus-Size Jeans

After target, another retailer is catching fire for committing a serious Photoshop fail. This time, it's Old Navy who did some craaaazy tight gap onto images of their plus-size jeans. The botched Photoshop job surfaced after a blogger for WTF Plus pointed out a plus-size mannequin on Old Navy’s website with blatant alterations to the inner thigh area. I swear, companies like Old Navy and Targret needs to stop doing this stupid act.

The editing may not be as bad as Target’s genital mutilation from last week, but that doesn’t stop us from being outraged by the practice. The sad truth is, companies like Old Navy will continue set unrealistic standards and skew societies idea of what real people really look like in clothes.

Anyway, here is what an Old Navy representative told to Jezebel regarding the allegations of photoshopping their images:
"At Old Navy we strive to show our customers the most accurate representation of how product fits the body. This includes pinning garments on body forms to show how they will actually appear. While we do remove these pins in post-production, we do not use any photo-altering techniques to deliberately distort the actual look or fit of our product."