2014 Modern Lighting Trends

Modern lighting designs have evolved and changed to keep your lighting options diverse and interesting, yet they have retained the elegance and sophistication your modern decor requires. With the extreme variety of modern designs available, you have the opportunity to personalize your decor and make a individualized style statement that will have guests in awe of your flair for design.

Pendant lights remain a popular form of lighting for 2014. The trend is to include larger pendant designs in your modern decor. An excellent way to turn a dull corner into an impressive and functional space is to simply add a modern style accent chair, a uniquely designed table and an impressive, large pendant light.

Gold, copper and bronze have become the new lighting colors to include in your modern decor. Lighting designs are less rigid and more visually expressive. You're no longer limited to black lighting in strictly defined shapes. Industrial designs are high on the popularity list for 2014 room designs. Now is the ideal time to use your selection of lighting to express your concern for the environment. Lights that include natural elements such as bamboo in their design are ideal for a modern decor.

When exploring your lighting options for your modern style home, don't omit checking out just how impressive some re-invented vintage lighting designs can be. Incorporating a bit of the past into the futuristic-looking modern designs is an idea that continues to gain popularity. Don't be shy with your lighting choices.

image source: scandinaviandeko.com/