Living Architecture from China's Past

If there is one thing which I am really fascinated about for so so long aside from fashion and beauty that would probably be home designs and architecture. I really dont know why and it is really hard to explain but there is a certain joy that architecture and interiors bring me. I love reading and purchasing a lot of decor magazines and books ever since so that I can feed my mind with tons of great and inspiring architecture related stuff. Also even when I am outside, I always make a point to take photos of the beautiful buildings and places which I found very interesting. I like it when a structure is unique and also kind of like unusual (but in a good way of course!) since they look more striking and will definitely catch everyone's attention.

Speaking of architecture, I recently stumbled upon this book called Chinese Bridges: Living Architecture from China's Past by Ronald G. Knapp who is a foremost expert when it comes to Chinese culture and historical geography and it was indeed love at first sight! I am very picky when it comes to the book that I will purchase and read since I am not the type of person that would waste my money on something that is not really worthy to be purchased but this one is an exception! I love every single page og this book. It is filled with a lot of really great and inspiring architecture of richly filled with history chinese bridges that are really amazing to know about more. I highly do recommend this book to anyone especially those that are like me, who is obsessed and really fascinated with stuff like architecture. This is the kind of book that even if you have already finished reading you will never get tired of re-reading and checking over and over again.