Protect And Preserve Your Bag With Poppy Bag Cushion

I only have a few bags that's why I always make sure that all of them are always in good condition — from the fabric/leather, color, zippers and of course, their shape. Before, I only use paper and towel as stuffer to keep them on their original shape but it's not doing the job of keeping the shape perfectly. Just recently I was given the opportunity to try these bag stuffers from Poppy Bag Cushion and when I received it I fell in-love! They are indeed the best and easiest way to preserve my bag's original shape.

The good thing about the Poppy bag cushion aside from it is reaaaaally soft is that it have this thing called Omni-Fresh Technology which will certainly keep your bag fresh and dry. These bag cushion are available in different chic colors and sizes that's why you are going to be sure that these bag cushions will fit perfectly once stuffed inside your bag.

Here are the before and after photos of my bags after using the Poppy Bag Cushion.

They now also have bag cushions that are made specially for the likes of Givenchy Nightingale, Balenciaga Work, Givenchy Pandora and Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM.

If you guys are currently in the hunt for a functional and simple way to preserve and protect your most cherished accessory, your handbag then I suggest that you get your own Poppy Bag Cushion now!

To know more about Poppy you may visit their facebook page (The Poppy PH) and follow them on instagram @thepoppyph.
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