REVLON Beauty S.O.S. [Stand Out Style] - Office Makeup Transformation From Day To Night

Revlon's final installment of collaboration with Etcetera is finally here and for this episode the beauty dilemma they answered is about transforming office makeup from day to night with the help of couse of Revlon and makeup expert Eman De Leon. This one's my most favorite episode as I know a lot of working girls that are having a hard time on doing their makeup and the good thing about what Eman did is that the steps are so easy and the makeups usde are easy to find as well sicne Revlon is availabe in almost all the malls.

the model's look before and after the makeover.

Aside from the models Emman also did host, PAtti Grandidge's makeup. Gorgeous isn't it?

(catch the replay on the following days: Monday 8:45AM / 2:45PM, Tuesday 7:45PM, Wednesday 7:45AM / 11:45AM, Thursday 11:30PM, Saturday 2:30PM)

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Part 4 of 4 in collaboration with Revlon x Etcetera on ETC.
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