Outfit Inspiration: Hot Looks in Patterned Leggings

When patterned leggings first became popular, a bit of panic swept over some. How do you go about wearing patterned pants? Particularly patterned leggings? But once things settled down a bit, some really great trends emerged. As it turns out, wearing patterned leggings correctly and pairing them with appropriate tops and shoes is the key to really owning the look. If you've been tempted to dip your toe in the water and try out this trend, the following tips can help you pull it off like a pro.

What Goes on Top?
One great way to pull off patterned leggings is to wear them with a subtle, solid-coloured, oversized top. Fashion bloggers agree that a well-done long, baggy sweater or an oversized coat paired with legging can make your legs look smaller, and is very chic in appearance, as well. Another thing you can do is pair your patterned leggings with a solid coloured dress. For instance, if you have lace-pattern leggings, pair them with a black dress for a beautiful and unique look. The main point is to never wear a crop top or anything short on the top when you're wearing leggings. Leggings are more like thicker, more comfortable tights than anything else; they are not pants. So keep the top long and/or oversized and you'll be well on your way to wearing patterned leggings in style.

Who Can Wear Them?
Patterned leggings are a great style for any girl of any shape or size; it's all a matter of wearing them correctly. As mentioned above, keep your tops long, or wear a dress to be safe. If you have to ask whether something is too short, it's probably best not to wear it. Anyone can pull off this style, which makes it even better, so don't be afraid to try it out. Patterned Pandemonium One thing you want to do is avoid mixing patterned leggings with patterned tops. This can create a very busy look that is more of an eyesore than eye-catching. Instead, most fashion experts agree that pairing patterned leggings with solid-coloured tops is the best way to go, as it creates a bold yet attractive look. If you're going to have a pattern covering the majority of your body, the rest of your clothing should be monochromatic, simple, and subtle.

Style is Afoot
There are a variety of shoes you can wear with patterned leggings. If you love your flats, bring them out and wear them with your leggings and a dress. Just make sure the dress and the shoes are not patterned, but are contrasting or complimentary colours to those in your leggings. Also, you can wear pumps with leggings if you like, as well. This is particularly helpful for lengthening the appearance of your legs. You can also wear various types of boots with your leggings, but this is a trickier look to pull off. Of course, pointy-toed flats also look great with patterned leggings and a long top or a dress.

One of the concerns that people usually have when attempting the patterned legging look is that the leggings will look like pyjamas. To avoid this look, pay attention to the cut of the leggings. They should fit similar to skinny jeans, tight at the ankle and all the way up. Flared bottoms will not fly, so make sure it's cut off at the ankle and rather fitted. Also, if you're concerned the leggings are too casual, pair it with a long, somewhat dressy top and a blazer, and don your favourite pointy-toed flats or pumps. Add a pair of chandelier earrings, and you've got a great look that you clearly did not roll out of bed wearing. Whenever a new trend emerges, there is always a period where people try to figure out what to do with it. But stylists and fashionistas agree that the patterned legging is a comfortable look that can be quite classy when worn correctly. Avoid short shirts and ankle-wrapped shoes, keep the rest of your outfits monochromatic and simple, and dress up the top to make the look less casual. You'll have a lot of fun coming up with nearly endless outfit options, so go grab a couple pair of leggings and let the mixing and matching begin.

Megan Barnes has a heart for style. She loves turning trends into beautiful looks on fashion blogs.