Designer Handbags For A Real Treat

Finishing off an outfit with the right handbag is the perfect way to make your look stand out. While many people might like to invest in key jewellery pieces, a designer handbag is more practical, as you can use it time and time again, rather than just saving it for special occasions.

Some of the most expensive bags and purses in the world - such as the Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Handbag, which boasts 334 diamonds - will set you back millions.

But there are plenty of more affordable options out there. If you do have the cash - whether from a bingo win, savings or money from a big birthday - then it's worth investing in one of the following.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy Bag - from £500
A long time favourite, this distinctive and iconic handbag has graced the arm of many an A-lister, including Rihanna, Madonna and Katie Holmes. The fact Speedy Bags have been a must-have for around 50 years now shows just how credible and sought after they are.

It's big enough to deal with a fast-paced modern life and the classic monogram design means it will go with any outfit, as well as slipping seamlessly from day to night when you're out on the go. Size wise, it's spacious enough to fit plenty in and there's also an inside pocket for your phone and valuables so they can easily be found. The rounded style of the Louis Vuitton Speedy is one of the most recognisable shapes on the handbag market and one that helps it to maintain its strength and good looks.

Chanel Flap Bag - from £2,000
This beautiful handbag has a long-lasting style that's been delighting fashion lovers since 1929 and prompted hundreds of copycat styles for a fraction of the price. None of them are quite like the real thing though, with its chain strap and quilted leather, it's a breathtaking style and has a finish that's virtually indestructible - this bag is guaranteed to keep complimenting your day and night outfits for many years to come.

Some people dream for years of owning one and once you've managed to win some money on a free bingo site you can make them all jealous by picking up your very own Chanel Flap Bag. It really is an investment, as these types of handbags are known to go up in value very quickly.

Hermes Birkin Bag - from £3,000
The waiting list for Birkins is seemingly endless, as Paris-based designer Hermes only issues around five a week, but once you do manage to get your hands on one, you won't be disappointed.

Its design is extremely iconic and any fashionista will be able to spot the boxy shape, double handles and leather pull closure from a mile off. Known for its durability and excellent quality leather, the Birkin's craftsmanship is nothing short of impeccable and one should last you for a long time - making it a great item to invest your bingo win in. The downside is that some Birkin Bags will set you back as much as £178,000. However, there are slightly cheaper options of this coveted design available - you can pick one up from around £3,000.

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