4 Wardrobe Staples for your Pregnancy

Congratulations. You've entered the barn, or that’s how I felt, the first time I pulled on a pair of over-stretched jeans and realised they still didn't fit over my growing abdomen. I know having a baby is supposed to be a beautiful experience, and I don't deny the life changing energy of the little monster now she’s arrived, but my first time out of the gate and into the farmhouse was an experience none of you out there would like to repeat. I’m not talking about the swollen ankles, or the perky water balloon boobs (enjoy those while you have them), the severe back pain, or the inability to sleep comfortably without contorting around a body pillow. No. My wardrobe took a beating; you know that scene where a teenage girl rifles through her closet, comes up with pieces but not outfits, and proclaims loudly she has nothing to wear and therefore hate life? That will be you at least once a day if you don’t accept your belly, butt, thighs, boobs and waistline are going to thicken.

Guys are allergic to tunics and kaftans, sporadically insisting they make the wearer look pregnant. Good thing you ARE baking a bun, eh? The light, flowing material will be a god send in the summer months or heated climates, when body temperatures will soar even under a slight fluctuation. The sheer, velvety feel on your skin will transform a uniform maternity ensemble into something more feminine, as colours, bling and playful necklines are still definite possibilities for every day wear. You’re celebrating a birth with your body, not a funeral!

An Awesome Bra
You probably already know your bra size, and if you’re an avid internet reader, you’ll know most women aren't wearing their correct measurements. Are you one of those women? Most of us dodge the help of fitting experts because a) it’s embarrassing and b) see option A. The idea of an old duck or a spring chicken fondling your bust line is enough to send you around the twist; reality, your boobs will be uncomfortable in your normal bras, right size or not. They’re getting bigger, rounder, laced with networks of veins and glands (I know, so attractive), the twins will need a good sturdy support to take the strain off your back.

Are you skinny, stove pipe fan? A boot cut lover? A flared hipster? Don’t despair, maternity jeans have come a long way from the boxy numbers our mothers and older sisters tolerated. There are trendy solutions to your denim woes everywhere, from sites like www.maternitysale.com.au to Zara, the expanding curves of women everywhere are well accounted for. A good piece will grow with you, snapping back in a way your stomach won’t until you need them next time.

Button down shirts, long singlets, and dark colours, it all sounds a little bit stale and boring. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be dying for some extra spice, a flourish here to give a spring to your outfit and make the simple lines pop more than your second trimester belly. Pick up a few statement pieces online or on sale, mixing colours and designs, golds and silvers, until you have a nice collection going; experiment with glistening scarves and silky wraps, buy a discounted designer bag and step out with confidence. You can rock EVERY outfit. Shopping for my changing body was confronting; I didn’t rely on online specials and sales, mostly because I hadn’t really discovered yet. Avoid the unforgiving white and fluorescent lights, take a load off your blimps…Oh, I mean feet, and settle in for an affordable shopping experience. If it doesn’t fit or the style doesn't suit, you can always send it back!