Review – Stiletto Heel trim Court Shoes

“The higher the better” is a mantra that many of us girls work by when it’s come to choosing heels. I for one have always thought the higher the better; I mean, that’s why you buy a pair of heels, so you can strut down the streets like they're your own personal runway, feeling like America’s Next Top Model.

For me, I've always been a fan of the generic platform heel, with maybe an open toe. So, I wasn't quite sure how I felt when stiletto heel trim court shoes, like these ones from Spy Love Buy, were all over the high street stores and online. I thought don’t knock them until you try them, so that’s exactly what I did!

I've’ve been shopping online and I've got my eye on these gorgeous Euphoria trim court shoes in black suede, as the glamorous ankle cuff caught my eye. They look like they would fit in with my sense of style and complement the other outfits in my wardrobe.

I would suggest wearing them with those gel feet to stop yourself from getting blisters, although with a soft suede design this is unlikely. I love how these shoes create a statement look to a minimalist casual everyday outfit, which is currently bang on trend.

The only downfall with these stunning shoes is they can limit what you wear on your bottom half. I think they would look a little silly worn with skinny jeans, as the jeans would go past the cuff, and wearing the cuff on top of denim just wouldn't look good on me. However, I think that they go amazing with some dogtooth patterned trousers, like these from Topshop, which are very popular at the moment. The fit and shape makes your outfit look effortless and sophisticated, while showing your ankles slightly to draw your eyes to these statement shoes.