Personalize Your Bedroom

There are a lot of choices when it comes to interior decorating and many styles to choose from. The way you decorate can say a lot about you, and one of the best ways to express yourself can be by designing your room around you. Consider personalizing your bedroom to really reflect who you are. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Find Inspiration
Take a look online at images of interior decorating. Try searching for rooms that reflect your hobbies. If you’re a musician, look for themes and images reflecting that. Study those you like, and analyze just what it is that draws you to them. If you’re fond of something from one image, make a note of it, and combine it with others. Customize your room to be exactly the way you want it.

Little Things about You
A glass case can provide storage while also allowing you to display your own personal tastes with family photos and knick-knacks. If you have souvenirs from a favorite trip, include them, and designate a place of honor for them. You can also organize your precious items from oldest to most recent, and if you like to read, keep your favorite books visible. Try finding sculptures of an animal animal or mythical creature you like, and place them around your room. If you already have a collection of things you like, consider making it the centerpiece of your room. Take a look around and see if you can find items from your childhood that are still important to you, and display them on a bureau or windowsill. .

Take Your Own Photos
You don’t need to own an expensive camera anymore to take your own high quality photographs. If you have a more recent smartphone, chances are you have an adequate camera for your needs. Visit locations you enjoy: a park you like to visit from time to time or your favorite restaurant. Snap a couple of photos and pick up some frames from your local retailer to put them in. There are many online printing services that allow you to print your pictures to the size you need. Printing and framing your own photos is much cheaper than buying them, and you have something creative to hang on your walls when you’re done. Also, look at the photos you already have from trips and special events you attended. Even if they aren’t digital, you can scan them in yourself and edit them to your liking with software.

Add Some Color
If the room needs a fresh coat of paint, consider your favorite color. Perhaps it’s too bright or loud for your walls, but don’t despair, try a variation that will do your walls proud. If you don’t want to repaint, get yourself a new comforter in your favorite color with curtains to match, and look for decorative boxes in a similar tone or one you think looks nice with it. Your room is meant to be your personal haven, so forget about what the magazines say and go with what you want.