Finding the perfect plus-size swimwear

When you are living life over the DD line, it can be an absolute mission to find swimwear that is both supportive and attractive. Usually one is sacrificed in the desperate quest to find a two-piece, tankini or swimsuit that you can feel confident and sexy in.

But now - to the cheer of all women with big boobs - more and more brands are abandoning the notion that a large bust comes with being a geriatric, and are investing money into designing swimwear and lingerie that is just as gorgeous as the women wearing them.

One such brand is Freya, who has produced a fantastic selection of swimwear this summer. And, even though the glorious sunshine of summer is fading, you can still invest in beautiful swimwear for any winter holidays you have, or to dazzle all those around you at your local swimming baths.

This Freya bikini, available at Bras Galore, has a name that is just as saucy as the design. The Cha Cha Bandless Bikini is sculpted to give excellent cleavage, and the plunge style also adds a feminine and flirty touch to the swimwear. The crochet pattern gives the bikini a beautiful texture, with tie side briefs that are flattering and give minimal tan lines.

As well as bikinis the brand also offers a great selection of tankinis, including this polka dot bandeau style that follows the nautical trend to a T. The integral bra gives your ample bust the support it needs, but always do a quick check on the goods before you emerge from the pool with everything on show! This style is also a great choice if you are not confident having your midriff on show.

No longer does a swimsuit mean a sporty looking Speedo that gives no support and is very androgynous. Now, you can find a sassy looking one-piece that gives a great cleavage, as well as a slimming silhouette. Although not easy to manoeuvre when nature calls, you will feel comfortable and stylish as you strut around the beach or practice your front crawl at the swimming pool.

Whichever style you go for, you can now be confident that there is plenty available for the larger bust…