Christmas Gifts For Her

Fellas, you may be used to making a Christmas Eve dash to your local department store to secure your girlfriend’s gifts, but this year it’s time to get organised. With time flying by, Christmas will be here before you know it, so here’s some gift ideas for the lady in your life…

Cosy slippers

If your fabulous female is addicted to heels, aching feet will be a regular occurrence for her. Invest in a pair of cosy slippers to help her take the weight off her feet. Avoid picking a pair that would be better suited on your Nan, and go for these funky animal ones from Gizoo. Not only are these animal slippers super cute and soft, they are microwavable too, which will help keep her feet toasty during those frosty winter days and nights.

Every girl is a sucker for jewellery. While they are sure to love how the jewellery looks, the sentimental value will be priceless, acting as a constant reminder of your gesture every time she looks at it. Make sure you choose something that captures your girlfriend’s personality. If she loves sparkle, go for a statement piece or, if your girlfriend’s more understated, go for a simple, classic design. Remember to find out the basic information before you head off to the jewellers. For example, buying earrings for your girlfriend who doesn't have her ears pierced would be foolish. Also, you may need to use your detective skills to fathom out whether she prefers gold or silver.

When it comes to gifts for her, perfume can be a bit of a minefield. With so many different brands and variations of one scent, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Send a sneaky text or Facebook message to their friends to see if she has dropped any perfume related hints to them. If this fails, have a smell of her existing perfumes and jot down their names before you head to the shops. Tell the sales advisor what your girlfriend has already got and they will be able to select a perfume that is similar, increasing your chances of her liking it.

Select one of these gifts for your girlfriend this Christmas and you’ll avoid having to queue up on Boxing Day to return her unwanted gifts, while earning serious boyfriend points in the process.