Backstage at Derek Lam Spring 2014

Tom Pecheux, creative makeup director for Estée Lauder is the man behind Derek Lam's Spring 2014 look. For the said season according to Pecheux the idea for the look is to make something that's perfect for busy (working/independent) women, those who do not have anymore time to go home and change before going out at night that's why they have come up with the idea of doing the makeup in a very minimalist yet chic way. As for the hair, which is by Orlando Pita who works with Phyto and T3 for the show they opted to go with a textured low ponytail hair to add balance and compliment the minimalist makeup . . . ps; have you noticed the new take on the cat eye makeup? I dig it.

(image source: wwd // Kyle Ericksen)