Forever A Jeans Lover

Yes, you guys heard it right. I am a forever jeans/ denim lover. This is something that I will definitely never get tired of wearing as it is very versatile, comfortable and at the same time really stylish. Since I am the type of person who always think of comfortability first before anything else jeans are always on the top of my choice when it comes to clothing. Aside from that, I always do have a lot of errands being a freelancer there comes a time when I need to attend a couple (or more) meetings in just a day so to be able to do my tasks wearing denim is the best option.

While brosing online to look for new jeans to be added on my wardrobe what really caught my attention are these edwin jeans which is the number one denim company in Japan since 1983. I actually have header of this brand already before and I swear, these jeans looks super cool when worn and it is said that all the cottons that are used in their jeans are dyed using indigo. Cool isn't it?