How to Pick the Right Lingerie for your Body Shape

Tackling the change rooms can be intimidating for every body shape; a good day can morph into a bloated, why-do-I-bother internal monologue at the snap of a bra strap. The wrong angle, poor lighting and narrow fashion cuts can reveal a spectrum of body issues, influencing what we wear right down to our lingerie drawer. While we pour over glossy covers and squeeze into socially agreeable moulds, we forget sexy isn’t restricted to airbrushed abs, mannequin thighs and a perfectly shaped backside – in fact, the mainstream tends to forget digitally enhanced cover girls are not the norm. Sexy is a cheeky smile, a straight back and confidence to command a room with sophistication and clarity; it can be quiet and unassuming, elegant and understated. Sexy is you exactly as you are.

Body Profile: Pear Shaped Peeps

Bodacious Butt
Slender Waist
Small Upper Body

Pear shapes unite, your body composition accounts for almost 70% of the female population. Before you brow beat your hips for being an inch or two too wide, stop, put the critical stick down. Forget the thick, restrictive undies and be on the lookout for an elegant body suit. The all in one adds an extra notch of phroar, as the deep V cut emphasises the bust line, directing the eye down to a Victorian waist. Ruffles, details, ribbons and decals are your best friend.
Avoid: High cut briefs.

Body Profile: Hourglass Girls

Big Boobs
Slim Waist
Proportionate Hips
Curvy Butt

Lucky you, you can wear almost anything in the boudoir! Don’t believe us? Grab a friend and check out your favourite lingerie store (even if you can’t afford it); you will look ravishing in every set, particularly Brazilian cut knickers and balconnette bras. For an extra spice kick, invest in a well fitted corset, matching bottoms, garters and thigh high stockings. You will feel confident, sultry and ready to take on the world.
Avoid: Ask for a professional bra fitting. Squeezing into the wrong bra size damages your breast tissue.

Body Profile: Inverted Triangle Trials

Big Shoulders
Average bust
Small waistline

If you’re worried about the girls struggling under their own weight, support is essential to feeling sexy. Balconnette and full cup bras create a feminine bust, enhancing the dĂ©colletage without emphasising the shoulders. For a little flirtatious fun, a baby doll dress will display your pins; look for designs with inbuilt support and large ribbons. Small details will make your body seem bigger.
Avoid: Flourishes around the shoulders.

Body Profile: Boyish Bods

Small bust
Flat butt
Thin Pins

Slim sisters are plagued by the same issues as the rest of us; we all curse our butts, hips, boobs and waists, believing the grass is always greener on the boyish profile. Small breasted women have an economy of push up bras to help things along; compare and take your time, as different brands offer several levels of oomph. To create an instant butt, ruffled Brazilian panties will have you shaking it with Beyoncé in no time.
Avoid: Baby doll dresses and body suits with no structure.

Don’t rely on fitness gurus and clean eating crash diets to give you an instant body boost – while exercise feels good and your body benefits greatly, stretching your self-esteem muscles and invest in a lingerie set that’s a little bit naughty but nice, all the same.