LED curtain from ZappoBZ.com

Being creative and designing your home to fit your unique personality may be your forte. There are many ways to design an elegant and relaxing home décor project. You may be inspired to create a home based upon certain home décor themes or simply desire to ensure that your home has a comfortable atmosphere. A beaded curtain creates an exotic, yet glamorous ambiance to a home. When placed next to various contemporary styles of furniture in living rooms and bedrooms, a beaded curtain promotes an appealing style of décor. The curtains are designed with several beads to make long strings of drape curtains.

They can be situated near doors or behind furniture. Sometimes, beaded curtains are used to separate sections in a room that does not contain wall or door fixtures for division. Beaded curtains are also used to decorate the architecture of a room with LED lights. The lights are positioned along the curtain to create a thread of white or other colorful beams. The lights come in different shapes and forms. The LED curtain from ZappoBZ.com reveals 200 curtain lights along sheer curtain drapes. Other styles of beaded curtains, chandeliers and florescent tree decorations are available to add striking features to the overall design of a home.