Furniture Store in Athens GA

There is a new trend in kids bedroom furniture. Today, kids have more of everything including clothing, books, and toys. So, a complete set of furniture for a kid's bedroom is often necessary to help keep these items organized and not scattered all over the floor. Here are some of today's popular items for kids' bedrooms. A Wardrobe Wardrobes are a common sight today especially in girls' bedrooms. Girls are able to hang up their clothing items leaving plenty of room for shoes on the floor of the wardrobe. Many moms and dads choose wardrobes because they're practical pieces of furniture that also make a child's bedroom look more inviting. A Bedside Table This furniture piece is ideal for a kid's bedroom because it has a drawer that can hold pens, paper and other things kids need. Also, most bedside tables have space for a few books that a kid may read before turning off the light for the night. A bedside table is a great place for kids to store items that can clutter up a room. There are bedside tables along with many other attractive items at Austin Furniture, a furniture store in Athens GA. The Ideal Size Bed Parents often buy a double bed for a child because they want to avoid purchasing a larger bed each time the child gets a few inches taller! A double bed provides comfort for a kid and also increases the appeal of a room's d├ęcor.