Love, Tattoo

If you want your tattoo to look just like you envisioned, you will need to take good care of it for the first several days after it has been put into place. Your tattoo artist will explain in detail how to care for your tattoo, and it's important to do exactly as he or she says to keep the tattoo looking great and also to prevent the area from becoming infected. The first thing to keep in mind regarding tattoo after care is that you do not need to remove your bandage.

It will be tempting because you'll want to show off your tattoo, but the bandage will prevent harmful bacteria from getting inside the wound. It is also very important to keep your tattoo clean for the first few weeks. Use an antibacterial soap or lotion on it at least a few times per day. Taking a shower with your tattoo is perfectly fine and actually encouraged, but do be careful not to completely submerge your tattoo in water. If you follow these rules, your tattoo should be healed and ready to go within a few weeks. Thinking of getting another tattoo? You can get printable tattoo designs at