Carhartt WIP is the European arm of the Carhartt brand. Since 1989, Carhartt had been famous for producing some of the best workwear money could buy, and producing durable garments out of 'duck' canvas. In the '80s, graffiti artists started to wear the Carhartt brand during cold nights to carry all of their gear. In 1997, Carhartt WIP (Work in Progress) was born. Pieces were made especially for the streetwear market (you should check out their carhartt t shirts selections), with slimmer cuts & fresher styling, but everything still had to go through a quality check by Carhartt HQ in the US to make sure the Carhartt ethos was upheld. If you are looking for a brand that will definitely make you street style photographed ready, Carhartt is definitely the answer.

(image source: shopping bird and le 21)