Ready for Red: Statement Blings

Okaaaay. so, it's officially the L-O-V-E month. The month you all are excited for, yes, you only don't count me in because I'm not in a relationship. I don't care and I am really not excited for this kind of event. *bitter much* (kidding!!!) Anyways, since we're now in the love month I have decided to create a collage that's focusing on blings.

Here's a little tip, if you're with your boyfriend or husband I suggest you to re-read this one with them. For sure after that they will tell you this line "Okay hun, choose whatever you like there and I will buy it... Because I Love You."

Shop these items:
Twist'n'Scout beaded necklace
Amrita Singh Crystal Jitney Earrings
Shameless Jewelry Gold Medusa Snake Ring
Vanity Her Elodia Crystal Elastic Cuff
Giani Two Toned Tear Dropped Shaped Garnet Earrings
Liz Palacios Red Caboche And Swarovski Crystal Ring
Maisey's Fine Red Crystal Flowers Brooch
Giani Gold Plated Circle Filigree Design Garnet Earrings
Bee Charming Red Vintage Gold Coast Bracelet

** all ithems are under $100.00