5 Marketing Lessons Learnt From The Success Of Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network that uses pictures to engage and share storyboards with followers.

Goal Setting
The learning curve for Pinterest is minimal, but also worth the time to learn. Before beginning to start your company, as with any social network, know what your story will convey to your audience. Describe your business objective and goals beforehand and the manner of which you portray to your audience will be more accepted and understood.

Story Time!
Children always enjoy story time because it sets their imagination afire. Use the same creativity of the imagination to spark others to Like and comment and eventually buy what your company has to offer. You control your storyboards on Pinterest and you can do so by naming boards to match the story you want to convey. This can range from color themes to a certain variety of your products. The story is yours to tell, so be creative and have clear sharp photos to aid in your storytelling.

Pinterest has a comment section that can be used. Here fellow Pinners can comment on your product and share their own experiences with using it or inquire further.

Further you can connect with potential buyers by posting photos they can relate to. This may be as simple as utilizing the typical model size instead of the runway model look that is often used in magazines. Or, you can use the many internet trends such as utilizing dogs or other memes that can be useful in aligning with your marketing message.

Just as in any network varying your information is key and will keep your audience guessing on what you may present next. You can also add industry related infographics and other information. Pinners are familiar with being overly spammed about a certain product and enjoy more variety.

You are the artist (or Pinner, in this case) on Pinterest. The photos you post reflect your business. You are in control of how the photos look and what they portray of your business or brand. As mentioned before you can also create infographics. You may also create charts and videos.

Follow Up
Your audience is speaking when they comment on your Pins. Do not ignore them. Further evidence of follow up is when you check your website's statistics and traffic follow through. You will soon see that your work on Pinterest is paying off. Some people and companies see results within 30 days. Your sales may not be high, but that is a good start to gaining followers who know what type of items they are clicking through in order to learn more. Some companies have reported that within 30 days they gain a few sales, which is social networking gold when your goal is to create sales.
Following up is paramount to the comments, but also following up to your company's website statistics is also important.

Once you have imagined your outcome you can create a better plan and begin your marketing success on Pinterest. There is always a new shiny object of social media desire in the internet world. You have to decide which social networks work best for your business and gauge which is best aiding your ultimate goals.

Written by Charlie Wesley Charlie is an expert in small business marketing and runs his own consultancy in Australia. He offers the best priced services in leaflet delivery Brisbane has to offer.