Trend To Try: The Bomber Jacket

image: Carolina Engman / Fashion Squad

It's already "BER" months. The weather is already cold ad this just means one thing. This is also the time for us to invest on something that will definitely keep us warm and chic at the same time. There are a lot of Trend To Try this season and one of the many which I found really worthy to be tried is the Bomber Jacket. Actually, It has been a huge favorite of mine ever since I started becoming a fan of fashion and blogging. I dunno, Maybe one of the reason is that I believe that Bomber Jackets are and should be a staple in every wardrobe, for both men and woman. I love how versatile they are most especially those that are made from leather like the a2 flight jacket.

Though some people might find Bomber Jackets hard to dig I now tell you all that it's not. Bomber Jackets can be paired up with almost everything. As I have said, the're very versatile. For example, You can pair a bomber jacket with a basic white tee, leather skinny jeans and a pair of killer wedges for that fierce chic style models off-duty love to wear after the show/ castings. Always remember that when it comes to buying bomber jackets invest in a good quality, soft leather jackets (and affordable too!) that you can keep in you wardrobe and can be worn over and over again.