Finding Perfect Fitting Underwear

Behind the success of every man, they say, is a woman. Now, behind the success of that woman is a pair of well-fitting bras and panties!

A healthy dose of self-confidence greatly determines a woman’s success in any field. When she’s wearing a bra which supports her the right way and doesn’t make her fidget every minute from the underwire poking her skin, she inexplicably exudes an aura of confidence. Lingerie by share a quick guide on choosing the perfect fitting bras and panties to enhance your confidence:

Scoop and gather. Before buying a bra, it’s wisest to try it on first, rather than simply relying on the size. When trying on a bra, bend over and scoop your breasts into the cups. Your breasts shouldn’t spill over the top or bulge out of the sides. If they do, that means you need a bra with a bigger cup size.

Get loose. When trying on a bra, put it on with the clasp on the loosest fitting. Over time, bras tend to get looser due to washing and wearing. If you wear it this way, you’ll be sure it’ll last you longer.

Test the tightness. Run your fingers around the under edge of the fabric. You shouldn’t be able to pull it away from your back by more than a few inches. Otherwise, that means it’s too loose.

Survey the straps. If the shoulder straps dig into your shoulders, then that means the band size is too big. Try adjusting the straps, or find another style bra altogether.

Banish panty lines. There’s nothing more unappealing than decipherable panty lines under a tight pair of pants. If you must wear tight bottoms, get yourself one of those seamless panties.

Measure your waist and hips to help determine your underwear size. The waistband should not be too tight. If it rolls up or bunches, get a smaller size. The leg band should not leave marks, yet feel snug and comfy.

Confidence does spell a whole world of difference. If you get the perfect fitting skivvies, you can say goodbye to wedgies and have enough confidence to conquer the world.