Accessorizing for the Perfect Evening Out

You’ve been looking forward to the evening for weeks and your outfit is stunning. Now, it’s simply a matter of finding the perfect accessories.

The following suggestions will help you find inspiration to put together a fabulous outfit, so you’ll be ready to turn heads!

Find some online inspiration:

Although it sounds easy, accessorizing may be a little more difficult than you thought. Matching colors, shades, shapes, patterns and textures can be daunting.

Internet to the rescue! Take advantage of awesome resources online to learn how to accessorize and be inspired by great looks. You can find great looks surfing through Pinterest pins, following Instagram fashionistas, or even scanning through trendy outfit combinations put together by fashion advisors.

Find the looks you want to steal and make them your own!

Start at the top:

Usually, the first thing people notice about you is your face and hair. Start at the top and be careful not to overdo it. Soft evening lighting calls for slightly darker shades of grey or brown eye-shadow. Avoid looking pale: spread on bronze or red lipstick coupled and a rosy hued blush.

Decide how you want to style your hair - will it be worn long or tied away from your face. Do you plan to wear a lace headband or a simple hairclip?

What jewelry will add style without detracting from your look? This may be the perfect time to wear gorgeous black earrings or a beautiful gold and diamond necklace that will frame your face.

Bright stones, glass charms, beads, and multiple-toned metals are popular fashion trends this year. Experiment and find the style that’s right for you.

Neck to thighs:

Pendants are back. You may want to wear a longer necklace in strands of silver and gold around your neck. A scarf or pashmina shawl may be ideal for cooler nights.

Do you plan to carry a handbag or would a tiny evening bag look great without detracting from the overall look? An elegant evening bag can add simplicity, practicality, and grace.

Belts, gloves, rings, and bracelets may also complement the outfit. Skinny belts are another lovely fashion trend.

Sequined, retro, and Bohemian jackets add sparkle that transitions easily from daytime into exotic evening panache.

Select complementary designs and colors that won’t detract from your appearance.

The legs have it!

Finish the look with the right pair of shoes/sandals and tights. The best shoes and leggings will add finesse without overwhelming an outfit. Match colors to your top or skirt, and complement the colors of your other accessories. Understated is usually better.

Depending on the climate, look for tights and shoes that provide ease combined with elegance. Painful shoes can ruin a perfect night.

Unless you’re Cinderella, you’ll probably want to keep your shoes on! Your foot fashion will depend entirely on the outfit; comfort cannot be over emphasized.

Shoes, sandals, and boots need to match the style of your outfit; look for versatility mixed with luxury.

Accessorizing to create the perfect evening outfit:

Details make the outfit. No matter what the price tag, if the accessories aren’t right, you’ll miss the target.

Try on jewelry, scarves, belts, tights, and shoes well ahead of time, and stand before a full length mirror. Don’t wait until the very last moment to decide how you are going to accessorize.

The perfect evening requires fashion sense, planning, and an appreciation for what is best for you!