Feel-Good Fashion: How to Find a Style That Works for You

Have you slipped into a style rut? If you have found that you have fallen seriously out of love with your look, then it is time to take action and get yourself back on track. It is so easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same outfits each day until you are totally bored with them. It is crucial to mix your style up every once in a while to freshen things up. What you wear is about so much more than merely the clothes that you choose. Your clothing represents you; it acts as a shorthand for who you are and what you represent. We are judged on our dress sense, whether rightly or wrongly all the time. It is human nature to assess someone on how they look and categorize them in some way as that is how our brains work. We make snap judgements on people based on our first impression of them as this short assessment helps to establish whether the person is a threat to us, and gives us clues as to how we can relate to them.

Being preoccupied with how other people perceive you is neither helpful nor healthy, but if you don’t feel that you are portraying the best version of yourself to the world, it can affect your confidence. How we look and how we feel are closely linked, so finding your own sense of style that helps you feel true to yourself can provide a huge confidence boost. Communicating your personality through the way that you style yourself can help you to feel more connected with who you are, and more comfortable in your own skin. Everything from your clothing choices, through to your hairstyle and accessories can channel your personality and provide a form of expression. If you are feeling ready to pull yourself out of your style rut and embrace a whole new look, here’s how to do it:

Be Inspired

If you are ready for a style overhaul, but you are undecided on your new look, why not search out some inspiration? Inspiration for style and fashion can come from everywhere and anywhere; it doesn’t need to be straight from the pages of a glossy magazine. Taking inspiration from the people around you is a great idea, as is surreptitiously people watching to see how people have put their looks together. If you are still stuck, think about people that you admire, either famous or people that you know personally, what is it about the way that they dress or present themselves that you like so much? Thinking in this way should help you to establish a style that you love, and that really speaks to you.

Match Your Lifestyle

When choosing your new look, it is worthwhile thinking about things on a practical level and considering your lifestyle. If you are an outdoorsy person that loves to be around nature, deciding that you are going to transform yourself to dress like a movie star every day of the week probably isn’t a practical option. Thinking about how you like to spend your time and the things that you like to do will go some way to helping you find your own sense of style. Choosing clothes that work for you is essential; otherwise, it is all too easy to slip back into wearing the same clothes as before, and you will find yourself stuck in another style rut.

Time for a Wardrobe Audit

So, you have discovered a style that you love, and now you want to try and emulate it. But before you rush to the shops, it is a good idea to take a look inside your closet to see what you already have lurking in there. The chances are that honing in on a style that you love has led you to discover that you do actually already have clothes that will work with your new look. Now is the time to liberate these garments from the confines of your closet and let these pieces of clothing see the light of day!

At the same time as discovering those hidden gems hiding in your closet, it is also useful to clear out items that you don’t see yourself wearing ever again. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those unflattering items that you never really liked anyway, along with anything that makes you feel drab or frumpy when you wear it. Why not sell any clothing or accessories that you don’t think you will wear again and then you will have some cash to invest in your brand new wardrobe.

Another big plus of clearing out your wardrobe is that choosing an outfit each day is so much easier when you don’t need to rummage through tons of clothing first thing in the morning. This will certainly help to simplify things and ensure that you can easily pick the perfect outfit out each day.

Get the Basics Right

Once you have scaled back your closet so that it contains only items that you plan to wear, it is time to hit the shops. You may want to work on creating a capsule wardrobe when shopping for your new look. A capsule wardrobe consists of the essential items that you will often wear, such as jeans, skirts, trousers, etc. These items should be pretty neutral in color, the reason being that they are going to provide a base for your outfits and simplify your wardrobe. Once you have perfected the basics of your new capsule wardrobe, it is time to start adding the details.

Starting with items from your capsule wardrobe as a base, you will find it easy to begin to assemble your new look piece by piece. Starting gradually, and building up your look slowly is an excellent way to get a feel for what works well for you and what doesn’t feel quite right. You can then re-think the items that you are putting together to perfect your look. Building your new style slowly will prevent you from spending a fortune on new clothes, and then realizing that they don’t achieve the look that you wanted. It is better to buy less and make sure that these items are genuinely reflective of your new style than to buy lots and end up with a diluted version of your unique style that doesn’t quite work. By growing your wardrobe slowly, you will be able to make adjustments to your style and create a more cohesive look. Getting your new look right and making the right purchases will make it far easier for you to stick with it, rather than to slip back into a rut.

All About the Accessories

Accessories make an outfit; they are the finishing touch that pulls everything together to complete your look. The right choice of accessories can transform even the plainest of outfits into a style statement.

When you think about accessories, belts and necklaces are the first items that probably spring to mind. However, completing your look with accessories goes beyond simply adding a funky necklace to your outfit - although that does help too! Completing your look is all about nurturing an individual style, so that needs to incorporate every area of your appearance. If you wear glasses, make sure that you choose frames that either compliment your look or make a style statement in their own right. If you are unsure which style of frames to opt for or need some inspiration, check out a website such as https://eyeglasses.com so that you can compare different styles. Changing your eyeglasses to a different shape or style of frame can provide a significant transformation, and is a fast way to shake up your look.

Style or Comfort?

Are you someone that chooses comfort over style, or style over comfort? Going too far in either direction is never a good idea. Getting too comfortable means that you will stay within your comfort zone and then quickly revert back to your previous way of dressing. However, if your new look is too high maintenance and impractical, you could find that you give up on your new style pretty quickly. Finding a balance between a look that you love and clothing that you feel comfortable in may seem like a difficult task, but building up your look slowly will help you to make this a reality.

Embracing your individuality and uniqueness is an excellent way to boost your confidence. Finding a style that makes you feel good, as well as comfortable, is essential. Once you start to overhaul your look, you will probably find that it has a positive impact on other areas of your life too. When you feel great in yourself, you will exude confidence, and enjoy the strong sense of identity that comes from outwardly expressing yourself through your appearance. Styling your appearance in a way that enables you to express yourself and be true to your identity is truly empowering.