Finding Fun Ideas for Crafts

Crafting is very popular these days. Almost everyone you know probably does some type of craft or ‘maker’ hobby. It can be anything from the traditional needlecrafts of sewing, knitting, and embroidery to newfangled hobbies such as making slime or scrapbooking. If you’re itching to try your hand at something you’ve never done, here are some ways to find ideas for crafts you can have fun with.

Old Craft Publications

Since the 1800s, magazines and books have been published showing new ways to make things for the home and family. You can find resources like this in thrift stores, old book shops and libraries. Some of the arts depicted in these publications haven’t been popular in decades, such as tatting and tole painting, so you can enjoy ‘rediscovering’ them and making lovely things you never knew were possible!

Online Resources

Several of the most popular modern craft magazines have large online presences with pages full of patterns and ideas, and many people create their own websites to showcase their designs. Whether you’re looking for a new craft or patterns for something you’ve already learned how to do, check out crafting websites such as, which have tons of fun ideas to choose from.

Hobby Groups

Knitting circles have been popular for centuries, but nowadays there are groups and ‘circles’ for nearly every kind of handicraft you can imagine. Check your local yarn shop, library, newspaper, and even websites like to find groups for crafts you’re interested in.

Whatever kind of handiwork you like to do, you can always add to your skills by learning something new. Explore all the resources listed here and perhaps come across your own along the way. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have fun making new things for yourself, your friends and your family.