Open Up Your Home With A Fabulous Open Plan Design

A closed-off home isn’t very welcoming. Shutting one door and opening another is a sure-fire way to compartmentalize your life, and that’s not very dreamy. Opening up space will create a flexible and breezy area that is also bright and summery. Considering it’s the best season of the year right now, this is precisely what everybody needs!

An open plan home isn’t an easy prospect, which is why you need help, and you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find hot tips on how to de-compartmentalize your rooms and feel less locked down.

Knock Down A Wall

Although it seems like a big move straight off the bat, it might be the only option. Some buildings are structurally annoying and can only be opened up by knocking down a wall or two. Of course, it’s not possible if the wall is load-bearing as it will require extra girders and beams to stop the roof from collapsing. Oops! To make sure, call a professional and ask for their opinion before going any further. Hopefully, they’ll give you the green light and you can unleash the sledgehammers. Who said anything about missing arm day?

Open A Door

Sometimes, all it takes is an open door to make the entire house seem as if it’s less closed-off. A perfect example is a kitchen. At the moment, it’s small and cozy and not what you want yet it all changes with sliding doors. Or, you can install French, bi-fold or stacker doors with the help of Facelift for Homes; just check out their collection. Once the doors act as a gateway to the garden, you’ll get a sense of openness that never existed before thanks to the lush grass and big outdoor space. A tip: sliding doors are the way to go as they don’t open outwards or inwards.

Add An Extension

As the name suggests, you can use an extension to open up and exploit extra space. However, you’ve already taken care of the downstairs and the garden, so what’s next? The answer is upstairs. Because of its elevated position, it’s challenging to open up without knocking down walls; however, a balcony extension is an option. By adding one to your bedroom, you can open a door and look out onto your home. Replacing the windows with a bay window will let the light seep in and double down on the effect.

Reduce Clutter

And this doesn’t only mean you need to clean up more often. Homes have bulky appliances that take up space and add to the closed-off nature of the setup. Taking fittings and fixtures such as a washing machine, tumble dryer, and a vacuum cleaner will give you more room to work with. See Homify for inspiration on where to store the above. Another option, if you have one, is to take out the fireplace and add extra floor space, especially if you don’t use it.

Are you desperate for an open plan home? Which of the tips grabs your attention?