How The 70s Summer Style Is Still Relevant

When we think of the 70s, we think of groovy records, dancing in the fields while attending rock concerts and oh yes, classic summer style. That’s something that not many people who look for their summer outfits realize. What is now considered normal in the fashion world for summer, was actually cutting edge in the 70s. Almost 50 years ago, there was a kind of summer style that came from the hippy, funky, love-rock scene. It was something that celebrated vibrant colors, with flowers from the meadow spectrum of tones, the light clothes that weighed next to nothing, the sunglasses, sandals and plenty of shortcut tops and bottoms. Nowadays we think of all these things as being the go-to for our summer fashion. However, if you understood why certain pieces to an outfit like this matter, you will be better informed to look the most stylish you possibly can.

Taking inspiration from the meadow

The summer chic style has always incorporated dresses that were long, flowing and lightweight. They were made to be worn and forgotten about so you could move around freely, not worry about getting hot and sweaty but also, blend into the real vibe of summer. There are some that say the summer midi dress is the best choice but there are also mini Flowy dresses. These dresses are cut above the knee rather than below. This means that unlike the midi dress, you have a lot more freedom to move around and they also fit a little more snug. In the usual floral designs and colors, they are the classic summer clothing that takes inspiration from a bright meadow. With all kinds of feminine tones such as a tulip pink, daffodils yellow, sky blue, zesty orange and white gerbera, this dress is the iconic 70s summer look.

The purple Chloe

With the sun shining without any clouds to block it's harsh rays, sunglasses inevitably became part and parcel of the groovy 70s. They became more popular than ever as summer sunglasses were injected with the kind of color creativity that was being found in other stylish accessories. One of the more popular choices were always the purple Chloe full frames. The modern kind come with UVA/B protection in the lenses. Obviously taking on a retro look, these are a softer shape which allows them to fit on a wider or narrow faces. This makes them super comfortable as they don’t dig into your nose or ears after long periods of wearing. The lenses are a lighter shade while the frame is a little darker providing a good but gentle transition.

The groovy country girl

So many rock n’ roll artists played concerts in the countryside during the 70s. It allowed women from all around the smaller towns to come and party. But unlike the city girls, they knew that it was going to be almost as hot at night, as it was in the day. That’s why they often came to the concerts where ruffled crop tops, with the midriff bare. This is one of the most recognizable pieces of fashion that millions of women wear all around the world still to this day. It's stood the test of time and why wouldn’t it? It's very lightweight, can be worn around the shoulders, it's shows some skin, and it can also be worn elegantly. The best colors for this kind of piece will be pearl white, a vintage blue and white, a lazy green and perhaps a gentle pink.

Take more casual steps

Sandals have really taken off by storm during the last decade. They aren’t some new phenomenon that we have never seen before at all. In fact the 70s summer shoewear in the form of casual sandal flip flops were the first to make this trend. They are incredibly lightweight, they fit the foot a little loosely but definitely nothing that will cause you to readjust your feet in them. They are made for casual steps, not for running, jumping or jogging. They are for someone who is taking it slow, more laid back. They come in the classic dark and or light earth tones that go well with almost every outfit.

Everything that you see today in the summer chic look, has almost certainly been taken from the 70s. The 70s summer style started a lot of trends that are still relevant today. Chief among them is the floral and groovy mini dress which can be worn with Chloe style sunglasses. A ruffled crop top that bares the midriff is also something you should consider as it goes well with denim shorts as well.