Keeping Cool In The Summer Heat

Some people cannot wait for the first blistering days of summer to arrive, others just can’t stand the heat. But we can probably all agree that sometimes without that ac repair it gets a little uncomfortable - to say the least. Keeping cool when the temperature rises aren’t just about comfort either, when the heat gets cranked up, we can suffer from more frequent headaches, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke.

Here are a few tips that will help you stay cool.


When the winter arrives we are quick to layer up with wool, fleece, thicker jumpers, and tights. Sometimes the summer can catch us off guard and leaves us sweating underneath our beloved jumpers. So swap all of those heavy fabrics for lighter linen and cotton. They tend to let your skin breathe a little more than synthetic too.

A lighter color and a looser fit will also help you keep cool.


It’s time to swap out the three square meals a day, porridges, mashed potato dishes and pasta bakes for lighter meals. Salads, cold pasta, salads, fresh fruit, and veggies meals are lighter and take less energy to process too. Plus, you won’t have to stand next to a stove cooking them. More frequent smaller meals, snacks, and even eating later in the day than usual will help you keep fresh.


Grab a travel sized spray bottle and keep it topped up with cold water. When you are out and about, but starting to feel the heat a quick spritz will help cool you down. You can pop in your favorite refreshing essential oil scent too - just remember to use distilled water if you opt for the latter.


A well as always keeping a bottle of water with you, fill your freezer up with water too. Pop the ice cubes in your bottle each morning, and it will help your water stay fresher for longer. Some people opt to put entire bottles of water on ice for later use - which isn't so bad if you are reusing the bottles.

Be Smart

You will know when it is too hot for you, so change plans when and if you need to. If it is intolerable, then take cool showers, drink plenty of water, and even pull your curtains to encourage your home to be cooler. If you can travel earlier in the morning, or later into the evening when the sun isn’t at its full beam yet.


It is probably best if you get a handheld fan for on the go and an oscillating fan for your home. They can help the cool air circulate through a decent sized space, and if you feel like it - you can just relax in front of it.


Put your toners, face mists, even your roll on deodorants into the fridge. So every time you use them, you get a little pop of cool too.

Just sipping cold water when the heat kicks up a notch isn’t usually enough to keep you cool.