Giving Your Home A Little More Breathing Room

Your house could be a just a bit on the over clutter side at the moment - don’t worry, we’ve all got excess inventory! But in your experience, giving it a good clear out has turned out to be a lot harder than it first seemed. . .

You don’t have the time available to get the house done all in one go, you get distracted by the things you find and lose precious pockets of time fawning over them, you run out of black bags for the rubbish and green bags for the things that can be taken to the charity store, and ultimately, you find yourself not being able to part with anything! So you leave the idea for another week, and just get more and more blue about the space around you.

Well, now’s the time to kick this behavior to the curb, and give your house a little more breathing room! You’ve already had some thoughts over what you can do with the new space, once you’ve cleared it, so let’s make those interior dreams come to fruition. Here’s some tips to get you started properly on your clear out journey.

A windowsill like this is one you’d see at your mother’s house, and you have no idea how she manages it! (Image)

Let Go of the Maybes (a.k.a., change your perspective!) You own a lot of stuff, and half of the stuff you own has no actual use in your life, nor does it have a common or proper place to be stored. And that just takes up some valuable floor, drawer, or shelf space, and you’d rather have that space for something else! Hopefully, for something that makes you a lot more happy, and has a lot more use in your day to day life. But when it comes to clearing these kinds of items out, you stop yourself and pause every single time, with one question on your mind: what if I need this item one day?

It’s questions like that that mean your house is left in an over cluttered state, and you’re no happier because of it. So it’s time to change your perspective - what kind of rainy day are you expecting, in order for you to able to use the item in your hand? When will that day come, and is it likely to come soon? Are you really going to hold onto something that has no value, and no happy memories contained within it, for all of that potential time?

Of course you’re not! But in the moment, you don’t let yourself think that. Sometimes, all it takes is for someone else to point out why you don’t need, nor will ever need, a miscellaneous item, which makes it a lot easier to throw away. So hopefully this post has done just that for you! Take your time if you need to, but always be sure to throw something away when it only has a hypothetical place in your life - you don’t need the added stress.

Use Some More Storage Boxes (they’re cheap at the least!) Boxes are king in the storage world, and they’re wonderful for being able to create more space within a space. If something is in a box, it can be easily transported, it can be easily put away, and it can be very easily found again. You definitely want to be able to find your beloved and useful items in your home, don’t you? That’s why you’re looking to create some more breathing room!

So next time you go shopping in stores like IKEA, or just down your local supermarket, be sure to grab some more storage boxes, especially clear or transparent ones. After all, you’re going to need to be able to see what’s in a box before you go digging through it and creating more mess, only to find it’s completely the wrong box. Store these boxes under the sofa, if there’s room, or get them mounted on the ceiling in the garage or the hallway - that’s a very good idea if you have high ceilings and want to make use of the space available to you.

Think About Your Windows Your windows are a pretty integral part of your home, seeing as they let the light and the outside air in. They are often double glazed, to keep you warm in the autumn and winter, and to keep your drying clothes always smelling fresh. They’re what you can look out of as you lounge in a window seat, and allow you to indulge in the sun and all its rays from a safe standpoint, without needing UV protection and a hat on your head. They let you go outside without actually needing to outside, especially when it’s wet and windy out there!

So, in the interest of creating some more, physical, breathing room, why not think about getting your windows replaced? Or maybe just cleaned professionally, so you can open the windows without worry you’ll be letting all the toxins and grime collected on the glass in? Websites like Renewal by Andersen windows could come in handy here, if the former sounds like a viable option to you. If you have new windows to look out of, and open up to let the air in, you’re going to have a lot more of a breathable atmosphere around you. That’s going to keep you cool as you go about your uncluttering business, at least!

Think About a Little Conversion (there’s always a chance for one!) What kind of rooms do you have in your home? And not just the main rooms, like the bathroom or the bedrooms - what smaller spaces do you have to work with? Maybe some closets? Maybe a cupboard under the stairs? Maybe a loft that’s quite roomy, and you’re able to stand up in it? What do you already have in these spaces? Usually people designate them as storage areas and think nothing of it, but could you take this idea a little further?

After all, these little rooms take up breathing room in your home; room that could be put to better use as a mini office or a little parlour if you’re someone who likes to do your hair and makeup on a regular basis. You could clear these spaces out, even take the doors off to open up more space in whatever room they’re built into - if the door isn’t there, you’re less likely to forget you can use the space for other purposes than just keeping the broom out of the way.

So, Are You Ready to Expand Your Home From the Inside Out? You have plenty of capacity to create some more breathing room in your home, and that means it’s time to put your DIY knowledge and a sprinkle of creativity to good use. Let yourself break some trash bags out and get rid of the clutter you can’t help but trip over, and don’t let yourself get caught up in holding onto items that no longer make you happy. Those things will just hold your home hostage away from you.

Make sure you feel happy at home by having a good clear out, and use that space that’s left to fill your four walls up with items and furniture that make you happier and healthier. So, hopefully the ideas written here are ones you can put to use within your own home, and let us know how it goes if you do!