Influencer Fashion Tricks To Make Your Own

If you’re the owner of an Instagram, and stats would suggest that you are, you’ve probably spotted a lot of fashion influencers. You might even be following some. If you want to dress like a fashion influencer - not necessarily become one - then you’re in the right place. Below, we’ll discuss a few fashion tricks from influencers that you can make your own. Take a look and enjoy!

Mix Patterns Up

Something you’ll spot a lot of influencers doing is mixing up various patterns to create an eclectic look. This is something anybody can do, and is perfect if you want a fun way to project how you’re feeling on a particular day! Here are a few tips that will help you to mix up the patterns:

– Use a black and white pattern and a pattern in color if you want a less scary way of starting to do this.
– Choose one pattern to dominate and one as an accent.
– Pick different prints that share a single color.
– Mix your prints with neutral colors.

Wear Plenty Of Texture

Texture always makes an outfit look more interesting and put together. Bring in different textures, for example, a shaggy cardigan, a tassel bag, etc, and you’ll find your outfit instantly looks better. Oftentimes, this is why an influencer’s outfit looks great; because it’s full of texture!

Add Jewelry To Enhance

Jewelry should enhance your outfit, rather than take away from it. Make sure you carefully consider the pieces you add to your outfit, whether it’s a nice bracelet or some stacking rings. You might even want to tell your partner to look for some high quality my name getnamenecklace if you have a special occasion coming up so you have a statement piece to put on - but don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something gorgeous either!

Cultivate and Hone Your Own Unique Style

Although this is about using influencer fashion tricks, make sure you also work on cultivating and honing your own unique style. Wear things you love and experiment. You can't be afraid of making mistakes. You’ll learn from them and get better for it!

Influencer Don’ts:

Although influencers can potentially help us to dress better, they can make mistakes too. Below you’ll find some influencer don’ts (things you should avoid):

Don’t Wear Items Just ‘For The Gram’

Sometimes you’ll see an influencer on the street wearing a mini skirt and t-shirt with no coat or tights in the dead of winter. It might look fantastic, but are you really going to go about your day wearing this? Or you’ll see them wearing something a little more weather appropriate, with the highest heels you’ve ever seen. Influencers do tend to wear certain things just for a picture, so don’t feel under pressure to do the same.

Don’t Purchase Fast Fashion To Get In on A Fleeting Trend

Many influencers also buy fast fashion only to take a picture and then throw it away. Don’t purchase fast fashion. Focus on your own style rather than fleeting trends!