Creating a Glam Home - Simple Tips Anyone Can Use

When it comes to making your home look glamorous, most people instinctively consider the bedroom or the bathroom. But, there is so much more to it than having one or two rooms with that luxurious feel. It might surprise you to know that you don’t have to splash the cash to produce something brilliant to look at, with a lot of personality and chic too. Bloggers and vloggers have been showing millions how to dress a room to make it stand out, and classy for a few years now. Where once you might have to watch makeover programmes and scour the magazines, now we have inspiration at our fingertips.

So when it comes to making your home glamorous, what should you be keeping in mind?

The very basis of a glam home is to think about clutter and cleanliness. After all, when was the last time you were in somewhere that smelled not quite right and thought it was the lap of luxury - unlikely! Keeping everything vacuumed, dusted and polished is the most vital step to keeping everything looking beautiful. Think about where you are putting things like glass, mirrors, and metals. They need the most care. Have an easy base color to use. Whites and creams are ideal for walls and most furniture. Why? Well, it can be dressed for winter or summer with ease. Reflects light nicely, meaning your rooms will look spacious and clean. And, unless you have small children, it’s easy to keep it clean too.

Your personality is going to have the most significant impact on it all. If you are naturally drawn to darker colors and plusher fabrics, but you attempt to use a color palette you don’t really love, it’s never going to feel glamours to you. Work with your style.

How do you do glam on a budget?

The saying goes that less of often more, and when it comes to interior design, that is mostly true. Coppers, golds, mirrors and polished glass, is very different to large diamante lampshades and faux tiger rugs. A great place to start is in thrift stores. You can build looks pretty quickly and very cheaply. If you have more time and cash to spare you might like to look at auctions and flea markets. You can pick up some larger one-off pieces. Think about your surfaces, you can replace drab with fab by installing some quartz counters. Any furniture or art that no longer goes you should think about replacing too. You can pick up fabrics from markets too. The key thing is to think about your color palette in terms of levels, take one of the darker tones, one of the lighter and one from in the middle and you are pretty much guaranteed to have a classic looking space. People often associate silver, grey and black with glam as are whites and golds. Both options look very opulent but aren’t to everyone's taste.

What makes a room glam?

When something, a room, or piece of furniture is taken care of it tends to feel special. It’s that same special feeling that we begin to associate the glam. If you look at the rooms that an interior designer might put together, it will be very clean looking. Walking around conventions and events with interiors, the rooms will be dressed with flowers, multi-textured blankets and rugs, warm-toned lighting and eye-catching art. Glamorous isn’t just a word when it comes to interiors, it is a feeling.

What colors can give you the edge?

Above there have been a few different color palettes mentioned. Much like anything in life, there are some things that just work well together. In winter you will likely be enticed into looking at adverts with rich purples, dark forest greens, golds, and velvet textures. In the summer, you will be drawn in with light white voiles, yellows, and turquoise. Both of those combinations are designed to speak to you on a base level. In the summer you wish to be cool, by the sea and relaxing. In the winter you want to to be enveloped in blankets and surrounded by glittering lights. Both of those hinge entirely on a feeling. When it comes to colors that give you an edge, it might be cliche, but the colors that give you the edge are what you personally love. After all, you’re dressing the house for yourself.

Finishing touches?

Have you ever heard the saying that you should put a mirror by the front door? That way, as you leave, you chose one accessory to remove. This is the same thing. Less is more. You can, by all means, pile up your belongings and display everything if that is true to your aesthetic you’ll find a way to make it work. However, after the declutter you’ve probably got less junk and more things that mean something to you. Potted plants bring some life, and work with any color scheme, but if you aren’t keen on real plants, then high-quality fake ones will add some splashes of life. Great scent is also essential. If the room is darker toned, you might like to opt for berries and woodland scented candles, if it’s light and bright? Then citrus fruits, fresh linen, and some ocean breeze are going to tie everything in together really well.

Big purchases?

When it comes to investing in larger pieces, you should be careful what you opt for. There are some fantastic Swedish companies that put design and practicality into all of their items, and while you should consider a few items that ‘everyone’ can have, you should find a few unique pieces. Saving up over a period of time to put some money into a Chesterfield, or getting a custom piece from a designer are going to stand the test of time. While most ‘on trend’ furniture and interior design will last, but a few months, a great sofa will last for years. And true glamour is of course timeless.