Four Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the New Mom of a Beloved Newborn

Four Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the New Mom of a Beloved Newborn
Becoming a mother is one of the most cherished and treasured life events of all time, and it comes with a bunch of love, adoration, and, no doubt, extreme exhaustion. That said, there are several ways to wish a new mother a happy Mother’s Day, especially when she is the proud first-time parent of a bouncy, beautiful newborn.

Sentimental Wall Décor to Commemorate Little Fingerprints, Handprints, and Footprints

It’s no secret that newborns don’t stay small and sleepy. They blossom and grow into walking and talking toddlers, curious with the world around them. So, moms need a sentimental way to commemorate their babies while they’re still little and loving.

Fingerprints, handprints, and footprints are all unique to everyone, and those things are especially adorable when it comes to newborns. Give a mom the gift of a forever print of their little one with DIY wall décor for the nursery. Use paint, ink, or clay to create or mold an imprint of their baby’s adorable hands or feet.

Customized Necklaces and Rings with Gems to Represent Little One’s Birth Month

Astrology has long extended to gemstones and colors; hence, everyone has a color and gemstone associated with their birth month. Customized necklaces and rings give new moms the chance to wear commemorations of their little ones around their finger or collarbone. Multiple kiddos? No problem. Most gemstone necklaces and rings, like angel wing jewelry, allow up to 6 gems at once.

Gift Baskets with All of the Essentials and a Few Just-for-Mommy Favorites

Newborns require a lot of time and care, plus a few essentials, like gentle lotions, shampoos, washes, and swaddle blankets. DIY a gift basket that packs the punch of baby essentials, as well as a few mommy favorites, like chocolates, wine, and some smell-good bath stuff.

Time (One of the Best Gifts You Can Give a New, Tired Mom)

New mothers are short on time and shorter on sleep. Their bodies have begun to slump, their brains are fuzzy, but they persevere to take care of their beautiful babies. Give these moms a break. Offer to take care of the babe for a few hours so a new mother can get some sleep, take a bath, and relax for a while. Order in her favorite foods, and give her space to remember who she was before she became mom.