Bathroom Changes On A Budget

Bathroom Changes On A Budget
The bathroom is often an easy place to start a remodeling project in the home because of it's smaller size than other rooms in the home. If you don't have a large budget to work with, there are a few low-budget options that can transform the look of the bathroom while adding a modern touch as well. Before you begin any kind of detailed work, such as changing the plumbing or the lighting, it's a good idea to contact bathroom remodeling contractors in Bradenton, FL who can take care of these projects so that you don't cross any pipes or any electrical wires.

Instead of plain and simple fixtures in the bathroom, add a bit of glitz and glamour with trendy mirrors, new handles on the faucet, and detailed accent shelves. Chrome looks good in a bathroom and can reflect the lighting, making the room seem larger. Another option would be to paint the lower half of the wall white and the top half of the wall in an accent color that you enjoy, matching the rugs, shower curtain, and accessories with the accent color. Sometimes, all the bathroom needs is a facelift. Paint the walls a different color, change the rugs, and change the hardware on the cabinets and drawers for a renewed look. Mirrors work well in smaller bathrooms because they will reflect the other details in the room, making it seem like there is more space and more details. Install shelves in the cabinets under the sink for added storage. Use clear jars or containers on the counter to hold the items that would normally go in a drawer. You can spray paint the jars in a color that matches the primary color in the bathroom for a unique touch. Another simple way to remodel the bathroom is by changing the lighting. Use glass or chrome fixtures and brighter bulbs so that the bathroom doesn't have an enclosed feeling.

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