3 Tips for Finding Affordable Running Shoes for Women

An incredible number of affordable running shoes are available for women online. Whether you are a long distance runner, a casual runner after a long day at the office, or try to cram running in with all of your other family duties, there are the right low cost running shoes for you. But how can women choose the right affordable sneakers? If you pick up a great pair of cheap Asics shoes, how do you know that is the right shoe for you? Read on to find out some great tips for buying great sneakers on the cheap.

Save Money with the Right Sneaker Size

Before you run for that bargain basement pair of sneakers in size 5, check the size of your feet. Yes, this might seem pretty obvious, but how many women choose the wrong size of shoe every day just for a deal? Remember that your foot changes size throughout the day. Pregnant women have to deal with serious swelling of feet. This means that the running sneakers that they wore last year may be too tight today, causing irritation and discomfort. Running shoes for active women should fit properly from toe to heel no matter what.

Make sure the heel of the running shoe is snug against your foot. It should not be uncomfortable or tight at all. Minor movement in the heel is okay, but your laced up shoes should not slip off. The instep should be secure. Choose shoes from a high quality brand to avoid buying sneakers that are poorly made. Even if you decide to buy from an online sale, get your feet sized at a local shoe store.

Beat the Wide Width Woes

Most major brands have few options available for wide feet, meaning fewer chances for good shoes on clearance. The width of these shoes can differ greatly. If you can move your foot side-to-side and your little toe isn’t sitting on the edge of the shoe, then you are good to go. Avoid paying higher prices for wide width running shoes by combining store coupons and reward programs. Even if the wide shoes aren’t available during the regular sale, you may be able to buy them affordably with your rewards points.

Be Practical and Go BOGO!

Selecting the right style and overall look for you is important. But be sure not to sacrifice a comfortable supportive shoe for a cheap bargain. Sometimes the style that you want is not in your size or might cost a little extra. Be sure not to make the mistake of buying a shoe that is too big or too small for you. Even if that means that you have to buy another style, it is more important that you have good support.

If there is a running sneaker style that you must have, contact the retailer and see if they can ship you the running shoes special order. Try to find a BOGO (buy one get one) deal if you need to buy a running pair that is a little pricey. Combine a casual shoe like a sandal with the running shoe to get a great deal! Do some savvy shopping to get the running sneakers that you want without breaking the bank.