Contemporary Class: Foundations Of A Modern Living Room

Contemporary Class: Foundations Of A Modern Living Room
If you could only pick one room in your entire home to put all your heart, soul and creative flair into designing, you would pick your living room a thousand times on the trot. If your kitchen is the beating heart of your home, then the living room sets the tone; it’s where the spirit of your home swirls and whirls, especially with so many homes opting for a more open-planned look these days.

The question is: how do you create the contemporary living room you’ve always dreamed about, the kind that won’t fall out of vogue for years and years and maybe even decades to come?

To point you in the right direction, we’ve pulled together a few staple design tips that will have you relaxing in a living room so gorgeously modern it will send Instagram into meltdown every time you post a “just woke up from a nap” selfie.

1. White Makes Modern Easy

The most important tip we can give is: paint your walls white. No ifs or buts. Modern design is all about creating the sort of visual interest that will make your eyes dance, your heart flutter and your space pop, and that’s best done through specks of art and colour. It’s about making your most interesting pieces stand out, which is exactly what a white background does.

2. Sofa Sets Are A No-Go

Selecting a style is essential for every contemporary living space, and a big part of that is knowing what styles are outdated - this includes complete living sets. Instead of creating visual interest and making sparks fly, the matchy-matchy look will make your living room look flatter than a French crepe. Instead, you want to choose different pieces that compliment one another - sofas, rugs and armchairs that are different but perfect for each other.

3. Let There Be Light

The one thing all modern living spaces have in common is their love of light, especially natural light. It’s bi-fold doors, large windows, skylights, and ceilings made of the transparent stuff. It’s bringing the outside in. Of course, it’s also about how you dress your windows, in which woven woods and vertical blinds refuse to go out of style, as you can see on But it’s not just about letting the light in. It’s about creating light too. It’s about unique light fixtures, stainless steel stands, copper shades and unusual shapes. It’s about creating an ambiance that takes you by surprise in the best possible way.

4. Materials Are Made To Be Mixed

The best contemporary spaces know how to mix materials in order to create a layered look that will give the design of a room that extra dynamic. If you have large windows with a staggering view, for example, try and ground your living space with a mix of fabrics, such as pairing leathers, velvets, and linens with your perfectly designed coffee table, while stone end tables will give it that extra modern feel. Another way you can mix materials is by mixing the metals you use. Mixing brass, bronze, copper and chrome metals will give your space a collected look without being too matchy.