The Best Ways to Finance Your Home Improvements

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Improving your home is fantastic. If you’ve lived somewhere for a while making some changes and improvements is a brilliant way to update and modernize, as well as showing your changing tastes and personality. The things we liked ten years ago aren’t always the things we like today after all. If you’ve just moved in somewhere new, it might need a lot of work, or even if it doesn’t, you might want to change things completely to help make this new house your home. It’s an exciting time, and there is so much to think about. You can have fun setting up Pinterest boards and looking at samples. You browse stores for accessories and color scheme ideas. But, one part of improving your home that isn’t quite as fun is the cost. If you are making large changes, or you need more expensive work, such as structural improvements or an attic conversion, it can be costly.

Fortunately, when it comes to financing your improvements, you have got a few options to think about. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Credit Card

Credit cards aren’t always a great option. If you’ve already got one from your bank, with a high-interest rate and no benefits, you shouldn’t use it for large expenses. However, some of the best credit card offers mean that you can get very low-interest cards, and cash back deals, which can make good options for financing your home improvements. Even if you don’t want to use a card for the big bills, it can be a good option for smaller expenses such as soft furnishings and accessories.

A Loan

Much like credit cards, personal loans vary a lot. Some, have huge interest rates or restrictions. Others, are incredibly low interest and can be very helpful. If you’ve got a good credit score and a stable income, you should be able to borrow a good amount of money with no problems.

Another option is getting a loan from your parents or another relative. If possible, this is a great option as the interest is bound to be much lower than a bank loan if there is any at all.


Having savings is fantastic, and most of us hate to see them go down. Having a lump sum in the bank makes us feel secure and safe, and it’s always a good idea to keep your savings topped up if you can. But, using your savings to finance your home improvements means that you don’t need to get into debt.

Work Slowly

This option may not be appealing, or even possible, depending on your situation. But, if you want to avoid debt, and keep your savings intact, working slowly may be your only option. Save as much as you can from your weekly or monthly wage, and buy whatever supplies you can afford. This will mean it takes a lot longer to complete your home, but it could be worth it when you take a look at your bank statement when it’s over.