Maintaining Healthy Hair in Your 30's and 40's

Maintaining Healthy Hair in Your 30's and 40's
When an individual is in their younger years, they can do almost anything to their hair and it will still look nice. Even if a person damages their hair by over processing it with dye, straighteners, and other products, they can get a short haircut and it will not be long before their hair grows out and looks great again. Unfortunately, as a person gets older, their hair changes. They need to be more gentle with their hair and do things to protect it.

One of the problems that a person starts to experience as they get older is gray hair. Of course, each individual is different and will start seeing gray hair at different times in their life. However, it is common for most individuals in their early 30's to start to see gray hairs here and there. And as they progress through their 30's, the gray will spread. Many decide that they want to do something about the problem. Even if a person has used dye in the past, the way they need to cover the gray and maintain healthy hair in their 30's is a lot different than what it was in their 20's and teen years. A person needs to treat their hair in a gentle way and use higher quality products. A person likely needs to consult a professional or use a higher quality hair dye as they get old. It is recommendable for a person to do research and then find straight request hair care products that are specifically designed for their hair type.

The way a person treats their hair as they style it also needs to change as they get older if they want to have attractive looking hair. For example, when an individual is in their younger years, they may be able to straighten or curl their hair almost every single day without a lot of damage. However, a person needs to be more careful about the way they use heat to style their hair as they get older. One recommendation would be to not use a blow dryer but to let your hair dry in the open air or with the assistance of a fan. Then you can use a flat iron or curling iron to style it. It is also a good idea to look at flat irons or curling irons that are available since some do not do as much damage to a person's hair, like ones that are made of clay.

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