A Complete Guide on How To Select the Right Taps for Your Bathroom

A Complete Guide on How To Select the Right Taps for Your Bathroom
It can be very difficult for you to visualise a bathroom when it doesn’t have any taps. They really are one of the most important aspects of your bathroom and in some instances, you may even base your entire design around them. Some of the various metals that are commonly used in bathroom design include brass, alloy, copper, zinc and more. Chrome or even gold plating can also be added for additional aesthetic value and this is a great way for you to make sure that you are matching everything in perfectly.

Deck Mounted Taps

A lot of households will have either wall or deck mounted taps. The deck mounted tap has various holes drilled into the basin or even the bath rim. The pipes are exposed and this means that you have plenty of additional surface area to clean. Another great thing about exposed pipes is that you can easily make all of the repairs you need.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is a very important consideration when choosing your tap. Low water pressure taps operate between 0.2 bars and 0.5 bars. High-pressure taps operate above 0.5 bars. Bath fillers are ideal for homes that have water pressure problems and this is because the style of tap doesn’t require high pressure at all. It works in a very similar way to the very attractive waterfall models. Bath fillers usually have two handles and these are used to set the ideal water temperature. The hot and cold water is mixed together before it leaves the tap. A similar design to this would be the bath mixer, however this style of tap has an extending shower head that can be hand-held. This style of tap can give you the option of having a quick shower or an indulgent bath. If you prefer to have the traditional basin with the bath filler then you will need to have two tap holes. You will then need to have a pillar tap, as this will ensure that your low-pressure doesn’t interfere with your bathroom experience.

Temperature Controlled Taps

Temperature controlled taps and showers are must-haves for the elderly. They work by preventing the risk of scalding. A lot of people choose to have ceramic disc taps as this helps to prevent limescale from building up. Other options include monobloc taps. These come with a single spout and the hot and cold water can be set with one lever alone, so it is great if you are installing a tap on the behalf of someone who is elderly. Of course, temperature controlled taps come in a huge range of colours as well, so if you want to match them in with your bathroom colour scheme then you can take a look at what works here: http://www.idealhome.co.uk/bathroom/bathroom-ideas/bathroom-colour-schemes-89846. There are plenty of design options available.

The Finish

The finish is incredibly important when you are making the decision to buy a bathroom tap. You need to think about the design of the bathroom as well. Chrome is quite possibly one of the most popular finishes available and it is very contemporary. You can also look into nickel-plated taps if you want a different look, but if you want a traditional style then oil-rubbed bronze is certainly the way to go. To get some ideas, visit https://www.tapwarehouse.com/. They have plenty of designs for you to look at.

Matching the Tap

It doesn’t matter whether you have a low-rise tap or a high-rise tap because the choice you will make will usually depend on the type of basin that you have. Mixer taps mix both the hot and the cold water in the body of the tap and they have a handle on both sides so that you can help to regulate the water flow. The problem with mixer taps is that they need high water pressure in order to operate properly so check the water pressure that you have before making your decision.

Dual water taps provide a single water stream but the flow of the hot and cold water is separate in the tap. This stops any unequal pressure and they are the best alternative when compared to mixer taps if you know you have unequal pressure in both your hot and cold water. Monobloc taps are also another option and they have a single lever that is used to operate the flow of water. These taps are very easy to control and they are neat in terms of their appearance. They only work efficiently if you have your hot and cold water taps equal in water pressure.

Ceramic Disc Taps

A lot of households experience leaking taps. Leaky taps can cause you real problems and you not only have to put up with the sound of dripping, you also have to worry about wasting water as well. The leaking will eventually get worse and this can also lead to problems with the rubber washers that are inside your taps as well. If these crack with use then this can exacerbate the leak and it can cause even more problems on top of the ones that you are already experiencing. If you want to avoid this then one good idea is to go with a ceramic disc tap. This will not crack as easily as rubber and it is a great way for you to make sure that your taps are going to last for very long periods of time without any issues at all.

Choosing the right style of tap and even the right colour for your bathroom is now easier than ever. When you understand the type of basin that you have and the water pressure that you have in your home, you can easily go on to make the best decisions and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to get the best result out of your purchase. When choosing your tap, it’s also a good idea to know how deep your basin is, because if you have a very high-pressure tap and high water pressure then this can cause the water to splash out of the basin if it is not big enough so that is one of the things that you need to think about when you do make your purchase. Of course, it also helps to match the taps that you have with your bathroom furniture as well, as this will help the whole room to come together.