Western Belts for Children

Western Belts for Children
Whether your child or grandchild loves to pretend to be a cowboy or cowgirl, he or she can play for hours enacting stories and scenes from the Old West.

To enhance their outfits, consider an ideal gift for a birthday or holiday by giving them one of the innovative kids western belts that are available. There are many unique designs that are pure artistry with elaborate scenes carved into them. Choose from horses, eagles, a wildlife deer scene, an Indian, a bull rider, a fireman, a fisherman, western carved designs, a farm scene, a history theme, a pretty red rose, hearts and butterflies, Country Girl, Country Boy, and more.

They will be even more delighted and made to feel special when they realize that a space purposely left on the belt is there and is personalized with the child's name or nickname. Another terrific feature is that some of the belts are almost idential to the adult versions, but are a bit smaller at 1¼ inches wide, so the child can have one that is just like Daddy's or Mommy's!

Gavere Leather carries a variety of durable leather belts for children with the most popular being the 1 1/4" wide name belts mentioned above. Gavere has been proudly designing and crafting belts since 1973. You can choose a design that reflects a child’s personality, interests, or hobbies, or one that is just fun!

The best answer might be a custom matching set that includes one belt and a matching belt buckle. Choose from numerous designs including eagles, deer, horses, a bull rider, a typical Texas cowboy design, a classic western rose, a carved western set, and more.

Their children's belts are made of high-quality and superior grain 7/8-ounce cowhide tooling leather, are also hand finished like the adult belts with an exclusive 16-step finishing process, and are made in the USA in their facility in High Springs, Florida. All the belts feature a utility buckle, durable snaps to easily switch buckles, and a leather keeper. In order to measure the child properly, Gevere Leather provides a Child Sizing Guide for your convenience. Shop online or telephone, and they would be happy to assist you in making a fine gift choice.