Using Accessories To Make A Serious Style Statement In Your Home

Using Accessories To Make A Serious Style Statement In Your Home
Fantasizing about revamping a room in your home (or your entire home), but don’t have the time, money or resources for a full blown redesign? A simple way to make a big change to an area of your home quickly and easily, and without breaking the bank, is incorporating new accessories. You may not believe that something as simple as changing up the accessories of a space can make such a huge difference, but it can do. To give an area of your home a new look and feel that won’t cost an arm and a leg and will instantly transform it, the key is accessorising. Love the idea of transforming an area of your home with just accessories? Then read on for all the best accessorising hacks.

Design an accent wall

An easy way to change up the look and feel of any space is by implementing an accent wall. The most common accent wall designs incorporate a coat of paint or perhaps a wallpaper with a cute, quirky, and eye-catching print, but what about using accessories instead? How about creating an accent wall out of art prints or photos from Samuel Burns Photography, or another local photographer? Or, what about using strategically placed shelving to create an accent wall that’s made for displaying bits and bobs? An accent wall doesn’t have to be boring - it can quite literally be anything.

Create scale

There’s one thing that all of the most incredible spaces have in common, and that’s scale. Sometimes this is due to an oversized coffee table that appears to span the entire room, other times it’s a large lamp that catches your eye instantly, often it can be a large indoor house plant. The trick is to add scale to a space by incorporating accessories (or furniture) that are large, contrasting the smaller pieces within the room.

Update your displays

Most of us make the mistake of popping a few pieces on our shelves, bookcases, and mantels when we first move into our homes, and then never move them again. This is a huge decor mistake and not one that you want to make. To ensure that your home stays looking fresh and fabulous for as long as possible, it’s vital to change up your displays on a semi-regular basis. Aim to switch up your displays seasonally, if not monthly, to keep things fresh. Swap old ornaments with new, eye-catching ones. Or, if buying isn’t an option, simply switch about your old accessories.

Gorgeous greenery

If the area of your home in question doesn’t have any greenery in it, this is an issue. The fact is that adding a little greenery to any space within your home can instantly breathe new life into it. Whether it’s an orchid, a cactus, or a leafy green house plant, it doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s green.

Utilise soft furnishings

Sick and tired of your sofa? Bored of your ottoman? Starting to dislike your armchair? The answer is to utilise soft furnishings to update pieces around your home. Liven up your sofa with a cute, quirky throw and a few pretty cushions - the brighter and bolder the better. Drape a faux fur throw over your armchair and change up the style of the piece. Place a folded, patterned throw to your ottoman, to change up the vibe of the piece. For making a style statement with old, boring pieces of furniture, soft furnishings are key.

Take these tips on board, and making a statement with your home decor will be much easier than you thought it would be.