Three Must-Haves for This Year's Summer Fashion

Three Must-Haves for This Year's Summer Fashion
Every summer you take a look at your wardrobe and wonder what changes you can make. Most of the time you may want to get a whole new look, but it's not actually necessary to replace your entire collection of clothes. Instead, save time and money by making the most out of the pieces that you already have. You can do this by adding a handful of trendy, glamorous pieces each season. They will augment your look without dramatically changing your usual appearance. This season, add these three trendy items to give yourself high summer fashion excellence at all times.

Choose Big, Sophisticated Sunglasses

Gone are the tiny, dark sunglasses of days gone by. This year choose large sunglasses that fit the shape and size of your face for full sun protection with old-school Hollywood glamor. If you have an angular face, soften it with round glasses. If your face is long and narrow, choose a cat's-eye frame to contrast and highlight your cheekbones. You can save money and get wholesale sunglasses online from a well-regarded company like Dynasol Eyewear, allowing you to have multiple options for a variety of summer looks.

Add a Big, Wide, Floppy Hat

Don't settle for a little sun hat, baseball cap, or everyday visor. This summer, all the fashionable folks are wearing gorgeous, wide-brimmed, straw hats with their sundresses and lightweight suits. Not only will these hats protect you from the damage of the sun's rays, it also adds vintage charm and sophistication. Tie your hair back on hot days or let it flow on cool summer evenings. Pair your wide hat with long earrings for an interesting play of vertical and horizontal shapes.

Cover Up with a Bathrobe-Inspired Top

When you're lounging at the pool, sitting on the beach, or catching cocktails after a long summer day, cover up with a fashionable, trendy robe. That means choosing a robe that looks suspiciously like a bathrobe but with high-fashion styling and sophisticated fabrics and colors. These tops were seen all over the fashion runways this year, and now they are available for you to wear. To avoid looking like you just woke up, make sure your robe is made of excellent material, like silk or satin, and decorated with a subtle and mature pattern. Pair this robe with delicate outdoor slippers and jewelry that dangles and shines.