There’s More to Dressing Classy Than a Classy Dress

There’s More to Dressing Classy Than a Classy Dress
Got a formal occasion coming up? A sleek prom dress or a sparkly gown is a good start, but fail to accessorise properly and you could look out of place. Here are a few ways to use accessories to your advantage when dressing chic.

Scarf up

Scarves are incredibly versatile and ideal if you’re looking for a classy smart casual look. As well as tying them around your neck, you can tie around your head, Use as a flirty shoulder strap for a bag or even tie around your waist as a belt. Use neutral colours for less of a splash and bold reds and blacks for a statement piece. Retro designs such as polkadots and floral patterns are also in right now. Check out scarves from Cleverly Wrapped for inspiration.

Get your style in the bag

Evening handbags can add that extra touch of sophistication. Seasonal collections such as the Olga Berg evening bags Summer Collection are good places to get ideas. Colour code your bag to fit another piece of clothing so that it doesn’t look mismatched.

Beware of bling

Jewellery can make you look even more elegant but be careful not to go overboard and look like a Christmas tree. Too much jewellery can feel ostentatious and people won’t know where to look. Stick to a couple of statement pieces. Don’t wear a ring on every finger and beware of clashing metal types and different gemstones.

Make shoes stand out

Shoes are a great statement piece and work well when colour co-ordinated with a bag. High heels have traditionally been associated with class as they make you appear taller and more powerful, however you can still look classy in flats and shouldn’t feel the need to damage your ankles to look classy. Make sure that shoes are buffed up to look shiny. A scuffed up pair of shoes, no matter whether they are designer or not, will eliminate any sense of classiness from your look.

Minimise make-up

Most of us can wear too much make-up on a formal occasion and come across less natural and too try-hard. Go for subtle blusher tones, lay off the bronzer and go easy on the brow. Be careful with powders - you don’t want your face to look caked in it. Try a minimal look with colours that aren’t too dark or intense making them less likely to clash with your natural skin and hair tones.

Keep statement pieces to two maximum

Whilst accessories can add to the classy look it’s very easy to overdo it and wear too much. This can be distracting in a social environment. A good rule is to have no more than two statement pieces. This could be a bold red handbag and shoes, or a scarf and a sparkly bracelet. You can have other accessories, but keep them subtle.